Popular sinks for every Indian kitchen

A kitchen sink – a ubiquitous but most hard-working feature of a kitchen. Though available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, selecting a sink mostly depends upon your home’s needs and your lifestyle’s requirements.

Sure, a sink should look good and complement your kitchen’s décor. But it is also important to consider other vital factors such as, is it a practical choice? Will it be functional as per your family size?  How well will it fit your kitchen’s layout?

To get this right, many homeowners base their sink preferences on the type of bowl design.

Let’s take a look at some popular kitchen sink designs in India, by experts such as Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali Sinks.

Single Bowl Sink

A favourite choice in most smaller households, a single bowl sink is usually a large basin with no dividers.

Easier to fit within the countertop, especially when the platform space is limited, it lends the kitchen a streamlined look. Another plus is that it is roomier for washing large pots and pans, intrinsic to the Indian style of cooking. And not just that. It is easier to clean and also a good place to stash dirty dishes, so your kitchen looks more orderly. Especially when you don’t have the time to tackle the tedious chore of dishwashing.

Double Bowl Sink

A double sink is a large-sized single bowl partitioned into two. This style helps knock-off everyday kitchen jobs with ease and efficiency,

The best set-up to divide and conquer, one sink can be used for washing, whereas the other to air-dry utensils, with the help of a rack. Ideal for multitasking, it saves you time by allowing the stacking of used dishes on one side and vegetable preparation or meat defrosting on the other.Besides expanding the work area and increasing the usable kitchen space, it improves your clean-up, making the space far more organized. Rinsing and drying are practically a breeze for these kitchen sink designs in India.

Drainboard Sink

Who does not want extra space to stack dirty dishes, dry washed ones or prepare meals? A drainboard structure slanted towards the sink does just that and more.

This fixed platform has grooves that rapidly direct the wastewater towards the attached bowl while the dishes are resting on it, avoiding a splashy mess. This keeps the countertop dry and ready to use, making the kitchen organized and neater. Moreover, since it is always easier to remove vegetable peels from the drainboard, it is a convenient place to position a cutting board while chopping.

More than just washing, a sink also helps you chop and prepare food like a whiz and more. Nirali NG the founder of Nirali Sinks, goes the extra mile to design sinks that help you do these tasks in a jiffy.

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