These sinks rule the Indian kitchen

Home-cooked food is intrinsic to Indian culture. But with it, comes the responsibility of hygienically cleaning an array of different pots and pans that are vital to preparing Indian cuisine. 

And so, whenever one thinks of an Indian ‘rasoi’, it’s never without a robust sink. And while every sink differs in size, shape, structure, material, installation and functionality, the one thing that it must have in common is convenience.Let’s take a look at some most loved kitchen sink designs in India, from major players such as Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali Sinks, that make conventional dish washing a breeze.

Offering the top kitchen sink ideas, Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali sinks, enliven
your kitchen and equip you with a way of life that’s designed for your convenience
and comfort.

Single Basin Sinks:

Ideally suited for smaller kitchens, these basins are installed to save on space. While the size may vary, the design comes with one bowl and no dividers.

Easy to maintain, a separate place has to be designated on the counter to dry dishes.

Double Basin Sink:

Not only practical but also stylish, the double basin kitchen sink designs in India are divided into two. Each section has a drainage outlet along with an individual faucet fixture. Ideal for multi-tasking and larger kitchens, they come in various configurations – two identical-sized basins, one smaller than the other, one deeper than the other, and more.

Drip Tray Sinks:

Sinks with drip trays are very practical and work rather efficiently for drying dishes, draining fruits and vegetables, defrosting food items, as well as other cooking preparations.

Apron Front Sinks:

This country-style sink comes in both top or under-mounted designs. Best suited to large kitchens, such top kitchen sink ideas have their fronts extending slightly outwards.

Integrated Sinks:

A clean and minimal design, this sink is an extension of the countertop itself and is made from the same material. It blends in seamlessly and looks fantastic in contemporary set-ups.

Besides choosing top kitchen sink ideas, you also must decide upon a material that is sturdy, resistant to corrosion and budget-friendly. Stainless steel, granite, marble and black kadappa stone sinks are some popular choices that can be crafted to any size and depth.

When it comes to designing the perfect sink for your mutli-funcitonal kitchen, trust Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali Sinks.

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