Top sink brand for Indian kitchens

An ideal kitchen sink is every homeowner’s dream come true.

A major part of the kitchen’s layout, it is used for cleaning utensils, rinsing food items, washing hands, and more.

Given its importance, it is wise to explore the top kitchen sink ideas by Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali Sinks, before taking the crucial decision of re-installing yours. 

A market leader, Nirali NG offers a revolutionary range of sinks with 1 mm thickness and AISI 304 quality.

 Let’s have a look at some of the bestsellers.


Classic designs, stylish cuts and curves, bigger bowls, flat borders, sharp and small corners, and straight walls come together to create the stellar Nirali NG’s Orbis range of rectangle bowl kitchen sinks. With exceptional design sensibilities and perfected craft, these sinks are made keeping universal kitchen structures in mind and blend with any kitchen surface. What’s more, maintaining a sink has never been simpler.


Specially curated for a soft and quiet performance, Orus, from the Silent range of Nirali NG sinks, takes great pride in being the first Indian variant to reduce unwanted sound. It cushions the vibrations and impact from dishes and running water. Its unique technology also helps in maintaining water temperature, improves heat retention during winters, and keeps the sink condensation free.


A blend of utility and powerful design, Elegance Unique is an exceptional product from the D’signo range. It promises to last you a long time and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. It is available in 17 models and 22 sizes, with attachments such as single bowls, vegetable bowls, extra small bowls, and drain boards. This model is the most preferred for efficient kitchen keeping.


These models of handmade welded premium kitchen sinks, from the Expell range, are sharp, sleek, and futuristic. Capturing the imagination of India’s top kitchen sink ideas, they are designed with single-line bend and angularity. Trendy geometric shapes, rugged, heavy-duty performances, and hairline satin finishes make each sink a masterpiece.


These sharp and sleek radius sinks, with futuristic designs, belong to the Magnus range. Every sink has tapered side walls to avoid any grime or dirt from getting trapped in the corners. These handmade welded sinks have wide edges for easy fitting and maintenance.

Sinks are indispensable aesthetics that make up a good kitchen. The unique range of products  by Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali sinks offers features with superior performance and quality, giving you the chance to choose from nothing but the best.

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