Your kitchen needs these revolutionary sink designs

Your kitchen sink has a lot to do. From handling the most delicate dinnerware to the largest pans. Plus, it has to make rinsing a breeze and look Pinterest-worthy through it all!

Simply said, the kitchen sink should be convenient to use and aesthetically complement the kitchen décor. Be it classic elegance, timeless styles or functional fixes, there are plenty of kitchen sink designs in India that can transform your space.

Let’s take a look at some multi-functional fittings by Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali Sinks.

Modern Sink

The modern sink is all about superior ergonomics and a contemporary look. Besides meeting all the utilitarian needs of a modern household, it has several innovative features and accessories. These include chopping board covers, revolving faucets, a platform for dish draining and more. To ensure operation simplicity in every kitchen, a modern sink is a highly sanitary and hygienic option to consider.

Farmhouse Sink

Made from an array of materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay, granite, quartz and more, Farmhouse sinks are a good option for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Its deep base aligns with the kitchen counter and is ideal to store utensils of all sizes. This makes it apt for both expansive and even congested Indian kitchens.

Disappearing Sink

A unique and multi-purpose design, the disappearing kitchen sink comes with an exclusive cover and can double up as a dining table by closing it. Ideal for smaller homes and great for space utilization, it’s one of the best kitchen sink designs in India.

Bar Sink

Separate from the main kitchen sink, a bar sink allows multiple people to work together in the same kitchen. If your household has many family members or you frequently invite over guests, this is an ideal choice for you.

Rotating Sink

One of the most innovative kitchen sink styles, a rotating sink consists of several segmented trays for various uses. These include chopping boards, and strainers and often ensure absolute convenience and customization for homeowners.

As we understand, buying a kitchen sink depends on more than just the budget. Your kitchen’s layout, style preferences and lifestyle have a lot to do with making a perfect choice.

Nirali NG the founder of Nirali Sinks offers the perfect balance of form and function and brings you the right sink for your beloved chef’s corner.

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