What material of kitchen sink is best for Indian household?

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the best types of sinks for Indian household as they are durable and can withstand rugged use. Our sinks are made from high quality AISI 304 grade stainless steel

What are the different kitchen sink materials?

We offer sinks made from stainless steel and quartz. Stainless steel is long lasting and looks immaculate for longer periods and designed for rough use. Quartz sinks are made from granite and quartz compound material. They come in multiple colors and sizes and need delicate handling

What are some tips and considerations when buying a kitchen sink?

While buying a kitchen sink, make sure you have the exact dimensions. Based on size, utility (number of bowl), finish, installation type, personal preference you can choose from multiple options

Are there different designs in kitchen sinks?

We have multiple designs and finish options such as single bowl sink, single bowl sink with drain board, 1 1/2 bowl sink, 1 /1/2 bowl sink with drain board, double bowl sink, double bowl sink with drain board, corner sinks. We offer 4 finishes: Glossy, Satin, Hairline Satin, Anti-scratch and 3 installation types: Set-on, Inset, Plain

What are the advantages of using a double sink in kitchen?

Our double bowl sinks offers additional utility. You can use one bowl for rinsing and another for washing. You can use double bowls for segregating utensils such as glass, steel. For example: you can keep porcelain, glass and other delicate material utensils in one bowl while heavy and stainless-steel utensils in another bowl to avoid breakage of delicate material utensils

Which the optimum grade of kitchen sinks for household use?

Indian household have higher usage of sinks. Hence, we recommend kitchen sink with 304 grade steel and 1-1.2mm thick steel.

Which kitchen sink is best suited for a home?

Choosing a kitchen sinks depends on number of factors such as space available, size of family, personal preference, finish, utility. We recommend using kitchen sink made from 304 grade steel and 1-1.2mm thick steel. Some customers like single sink, single sink with drain board, double bowl sink, double bowl sinks with drain board. We offer 107 models, 192 sizes and 414 choices.

Should I buy double bowl kitchen sink or a single bowl kitchen sink?

Choice of sink depends on number of factors such as personal preference, size of family, space availability. Nirali NG kitchen sinks has a number of models in double bowl and single sinks. These models are available in different finishes such as Glossy, Satin, Hairline Satin and Anti-scratch. For more details, visit our website: https://www.niraling.com/

Where can I buy Nirali NG kitchen sink?

Nirali NG kitchen sinks have been recommended by architects, interior designers, plumbers as the first choice for their customers for many years. We have a wide spread network of more than 1,000 dealers across India. To find out details about your closest dealer, please fill customer enquiry form on thewebsite or call our office on +91-22-24220109, 24305500, 24375511

What is anti-scratch finish?

Anti-scratch is a special finish which minimizes visibility of scratches and preserves pristine appearance of kitchen sink for longer time.

How does silent coating work?

Ensures quiet performance by cushioning unwanted vibration & absorbs unpleasant noise. Also, provide condensation-free environment which saves the sink from humidity & damage.

What is the grade of steel?

All ranges are manufactured from AISI 304 grade steel which has 18% chromium & 8% nickel that ensures no cracking & high corrosion resistance.

What is the thickness of steel?

Silent , D’signo & Popular range sinks are made from 1 mm thick sheet.
Expell & Magnus range sinks are made from 1.2 mm thick sheet.
Bathroom range is made from 1.2 mm thick sheet.
Washbasin range is made from 1 mm thick sheet.

Does price of sinks include coupling?

Price of sinks are inclusive of coupling.

What are the different types of finishes?

Glossy, Satin, Hairline satin & Anti-scratch.

Does sinks come with pipe fittings?

No. But we have premium quality PVC Plumbing connector & Corrugated pipe fittings available separately which can be bought additionally.

Do you have accessories for sinks?

Yes, we have Veg. tray for rinsing vegetables, fruits & rolling matt to drain dishes.
You can buy these accessories separately.

How is sink fitting done?

Sink fitting can be done as per your preference as under-mount (border frame hidden) or top-mount (border frame visible). You’ll get many choices in sink-styles with us.

Do you have sinks with less rounded surface?

We have Expell range sinks with single-lined sharp bend & angularity for correct slope. Also, magnus range sinks which have narrow slope & tapered side walls that ensures no dirt or residue remains stuck in corner for easy cleaning.

How do we protect sink during installation?

We provide plastic-guard coating for protection as pre-installation care. It should be removed after finishing of work so as to protect surface from dirt & scratches. We recommend additional covering so as protect it from paint, varnish & harsh chemicals used during the renovation work.

How to protect sinks?

1.. Remove food, dishes and wet sponges or cloths from the sink promptly. Any of these items can contain chemicals that damage stainless steel, such as acids, salts or household cleaning agents.
2.. Rinse the sink with clear water and towel it dry after using it. This cleanses corrosive chemicals off the steel and prevents mineral deposits from building up.
3.. Use a soft scrub-pad, not steel wool or harsh scrub pads which can damage sink surface.