Looking to acquire designer stainless steel or modular kitchen sink solutions in line with your dynamic needs, tastes and preferences ?

Orbis Range

Presenting Nirali NG’s Orbis range of rectangle bowl kitchen sinks – crafted to perfection, keeping your design sensibilities and kitchen structure in mind. Orbis blends with any kitchen surface, includes some stylish cut and curves, and is can be cleaned with just a stroke of a cloth.

Orbis NG Kitchen Sinks | Orbis Range

Available in eight sizes

New Improved Shape & Bigger Bowl. Plain Type Sink Have Flat Borders For Correct Sandwiching Between The Platform Top & Granites Slabs.

Large (10")
Large (10")

More Description:

Over all Bowl size Glossy Satin Anti-scratch
685 mm x 535 mm
27 inch x 21 inch
615 x 460 x 255 mm
24 x 18 x 10 inch
Rs. 11,210/- Rs. 11,410/- NA
610 mm x 510 mm
24 inch x 20 inch
560 x 460 x 240 mm
22 x 18 x 9 1/2inch
Rs. 7,685/- Rs. 7,885/- NA
LARGE ( 10″ )
615 mm x 460 mm
24 inch x 18 inch
560 x 410 x 255 mm
22 x 16 x 10 inch
Rs. 9,065/- Rs. 9,265/- NA
615 mm x 460 mm
24 inch x 18 inch
560 x 410 x 222 mm
22 x 16 x 8 3/4 inch
Rs. 7,580/- Rs. 7,780/- NA
540 mm x 460 mm
21 inch x 18 inch
485 x 410 x 215 mm
19  x 16 x 8 1/2 inch
Rs. 6,450/- Rs. 6,650/- NA
490 mm x 410 mm
19 inch x 16 inch
435 x 360 x 200 mm
17  x 14  x 8 inch
Rs. 5,360/- Rs. 5,560/- NA
410 mm x 355 mm
16 inch x 14 inch
355 x 305 x 175 mm
14 x 12 x 7  inch
Rs. 4,750/- Rs. 4,950/- NA
380 mm x 330 mm
15 inch x 13 inch
330 x 280 x 170 mm
13 x 11 x 6 1/2 inch
Rs. 4,000/- Rs. 4,200/- NA



USPs of Product and Range
– Classic Design | Stellar Looks.
– Sharp And Small Corners.
– Straight Walls.
– More Volume In The Same Size.
– AISI 304 Quality.
– 1 MM Thick.

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Looking to acquire designer stainless steel or modular kitchen sink solutions in line with your dynamic needs, tastes and preferences | Looking for reliability, quality and affordability all at one place? | Welcome to the ‘Nirali NG’ world oozing style and elegance, India’s no. 1 kitchen sink brand, as we care for YOU and YOUR needs. } Kitchen is an inherent part of every Indian house. In the recent times, this space has transformed from creative space into more of a conversational space. They are the source of our energy for creating delicacies, family memories and bonds. As most of us spend considerable amounts of time here, we need comfort, safety and elegant kitchen spaces embedded with easy-to-use, stylish and best-quality gadgets including kitchen sinks. Washing vegetables, filling vessels for cooking purposes, washing utensils after a delicious meal, a place where we all stop numerous times each day for completing mundane household chores. Quality kitchen sink solutions strike the perfect balance between practicality and exterior design and we have got all these aspects covered for you, enhancing your experience.

With over 36 years of excellence in stainless steel manufacturing, Nirali NG is the most reliable brand, betrothed in contemporary and innovative Kitchen products and have carved a niche in the domain. Tapping into the style, convenience and comfort, we provide a range of innovative kitchen sink solutions to cater every budget, preference and need. Our conceptual products – from Stainless steel kitchen sinks to Modular kitchen sinks – we have everything for you. You can select one as per your kitchen scheme, requirements and preferences for enhancing your most visited and loved space of your abode.

With a customer-centric approach, we have the biggest range of kitchen sinks with 93 models, 148 sizes and 341 ranges of sink products range. Safeguarding our loyalty towards our customers, we believe in offering modern and highest-quality designs for every type of kitchen scheme. | Key differentiators of our kitchen sink solutions: | Best-quality raw materials | Skilled Craftsmanship | Bespoke Designs | Customer-centric Approach Knowing the customer pulse is extremely important in this day and age to deliver quality products. With the ever-changing business landscape, customers are looking out for the products that are futuristic and stylish. We understand this paradigm shift and we keep updating our products from time to time. Here at Nirali NG, we take utmost care in understanding the customer requirements for providing the best solutions while taking care of the comfort of our customers. We work collaboratively with them that is hassle free for seamless integrations of the stainless steel kitchen sinks or modular kitchen sinks for creating their kitchen spaces and tasks stylish and comfortable.

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