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How to Protect your Nirali NG kitchen sinks

If you’ve ever wondered how some stainless steel kitchen sinks stay clean, there’s a lot that goes behind them. One of the most important sections in your home, keeping your kitchen basin clean and shiny requires some know-how. Being in the business of kitchen sinks, Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali kitchen sink, can refine the process of cleaning and help you remove stubborn stains and water spots faster and more effectively.

So, here are some tips:

Wipe using a soft cloth

Protecting the finish of your sink /
basin or your handmade sink
means giving it a fresh, sparkling
look. Restore the sheen of your
Nirali NG kitchen sinks with a soft,
lint-free microfibre cloth, which
leaves your kitchen sink looking
bright and shiny.

Resort to using olive oil

When your Nirali NG kitchen sink
has water spots, turn to your
kitchen staple: olive oil. Apply olive
oil on a paper towel and wipe it on
the surface of the sink. Once it
blends, continue wiping till the
water spots fade away. Finally,
wipe off the oil with a micro fibre

Keep the kitchen sink dry

Be it a single bowl kitchen sink or a
double bowl k it chen s ink or
handmade Kitchen sink, keeping the
sink dry is vital. When water
stagnates, spotting starts and
makes the sink look dull. After every
use, ensure that you wipe your
Nirali NG kitchen sink and prevent
water from accumulating and leaving

Some tips that can come in handy:

    • When steel and cast iron cookware sit in a sink, they react with moisture to create surface rust. Avoid keeping them for a longer duration to prevent rust and stains.
    • Protect the surface of your Nirali NG kitchen sink from scratches or dents. Avoid using knives and other sharp instruments on the sink.
    • Things like soap cleansers and towels can harbour bacteria and other unwanted items. So, ensure you keep them away from your Nirali NG kitchen sinks.
    • Avoid overloading your kitchen sink with utensils as the accumulation of excess water can cause stubborn stains and spots.
    • Wet sponges and rubber dish mats trap water and can lead to discolouration and staining. Hence, don’t leave them on the sink for too long.


    Years of continuous usage can put that additional burden on your kitchen sink. Since it’s the place where you do the majority of your cooking and cleaning, it’s time to give your kitchen sink a new lease of life. With these tips, Nirali NG from the founder of Nirali sinks, shows how a little care can go a long way

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